Greetings fellow adventurers!

I’m Sasha and I’ve been itching with the travel bug for as long as I can remember.
To begin knowing me, you should know what I value:

Family, Friends, Education and Diversity

And my biggest passions:

Traveling, Music, Nature, Writing, Photography, Service

I’m happiest on top of a mountain, in a canoe, on a beach or lost in the woods 🙂


Born and raised in Massachusetts by two incredibly loving parents, I grew up appreciating the outdoors and have always been encouraged to follow my dreams and see the world.
I caught the travel bug in high school when I had the opportunity to visit Spain, Morocco, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Moving to Florida two years ago to study music and psychology was the beginning of an exciting new chapter that sent my thirst for living to the fullest and hunger to travel through the roof.


Since then I’ve travelled around Florida to learn about different communities and engage in community service where ever I can. Service trips have given me the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.
Currently, residing in Dunedin, New Zealand to study at the University of Otago, I’ve fallen in love with kiwi culture. Over the course of my time here I’ve visited Fiji, Thailand and a very brief stop in Australia.
Through my exploration I’ve gained a great appreciation for adventure and found an abundance of happiness. I believe pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every day, even in small ways, is the best way to grow as an individual and learn about the world, I’ve certainly found peace and value in doing so.
 Anyways, I’ll post about adventures I’ve had around New Zealand and a few other places and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Read away and join me on my adventures!


Sasha G. ♥

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